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Re: gnome screensavers - can I get more?

Chris Bannister wrote:
On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 05:27:36PM +0100, Martin Waller wrote:
martin@papilio:~$ xscreensaver &
[2] 10481
[1]   Exit 127                xscrennsaver
martin@papilio:~$ Error: Cairo does not yet support the requested image format:
       Depth: 16
       Alpha mask: 0x00000000
       Red   mask: 0x0000003f
       Green mask: 0x000007c0
       Blue  mask: 0x0000f800
Please file an enhacement request (quoting the above) at:
Hi Martin,

Were the errors, underlined above, the actual on screen errors as
printed? If so then it is sloppy coding and a bug should be filed.

If not, but caused by mistyping on your part, then could you please in
future either:

1) cut 'n' paste errors into your email client.
2) use the script program or redirection and then "read" the program
into your email program.

If you are using mutt + vim, then from within vim while you are
composing your mail:

 * move the cursor to where you want to type the errors produced

 * press <esc> to get in command mode

 * type :r filename
   where filename is the file either from using script or from using

Mistakes in transcribing error messages can only lead two confusions.

The errors were 'cut'n'pasted' - thats how the errors appears. I musts admit I hadn't even noticed the missing 'n' in 'enhancement'. I think 'sloppy coding' is a bit strong for a simple typo like that tho, don't you? At least it reported an intelligible error. The problem is now fixed however (follow rest of thread).


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