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Re: intall nvidia driver on debian lenny

This is turning into a nightmare. I've been Google-ing for 2 days now and i'm still stuck with the "nv" driver... I've used the NVIDIA way to install because i can't find any good alternative way tutorial for Debian Lenny...

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MRH wrote:
Dnia 29/10/07 20:50,Nick Lidakis napisał:
Bogdan Marian wrote:


Yes, it was running with the free version of the driver. I can successfully start if i change the Driver section to "nv" from "nvidia". In fact, that's how i'm able to send you this mail.

I had a similar problem once; realized I forgot to do "apt-get install nvidia-glx" which creates some necessary TLS links.

This page should be helpful, it describes the whole process quite well (with different ways of installing the driver) and offers some troubleshooting:

Kind regards,
Michal R. Hoffmann


Nick, I'm running Lenny, so nvidia-glx is not in the repos...
Michal, I tried the methods on that page and it didn't work... Last thing i tried was to install the NVIDIA way, using the Nvidia .bin supplied from their home site...still no luck.


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