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Re: getting scim to work on KDE

On 10/24/07, H.S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been using the KDE keyboard layout applet to type different
> languages. I recently learned that uim or scim could be a better method.
> To test these out, I installed scim. Then, following some web pages
> fround via goodle, I put these in ~/.bashrc
> #stuff for scim to work
> XIM_PROGRAM="scim -d"
> Then I put this in ~/.scim/global
> /DefaultKeyboardLayout = US_Default
> /DisabledIMEngineFactories =
> /SupportedUnicodeLocales = en_CA.utf8,pa_IN.utf8,hi_IN.utf8,en_US.UTF-8
> because my locale is en_CA.UTF-8.
> And also started scim after loggin in:
> $> scim -d
> $> cat ~/.scim/global
> Now I have the little keyboard applet on the KDE panel. I can also right
> click on it and set the preferences using SCIM Setup option. It also
> lists all the various input languages.
> However, no matter what I do (CTRL+Space or other combinations), I am
> not able to change the input method to a different language.
> If somebody is familiar with scim, can you explain what I could have missed?
> thanks,
> ->HS
> PS: This is on Debian testing.


I personally use scim in KDE. scim is a good input method platform in
my point of view. I use its ``pinyin'' input method to input Chinese.
It can also be used for many other languages and input methods as far
as I know.

In order to get things set up for a brand new installation. I do not
need to modify various configuration files, except for the user locale
set up. What I have to do are as follows.

1. Install the packages for scim and its ``pinyin'' input method using
aptitude. Also install the package ``im-switch'' from the repository.

2. Set locale environment variable for my current user:
LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.GB2312 in .bash_profile. (Personally I leave other
variables en_HK.UTF-8, which is set to be the system-wide default
value on my desktop)

3. Run `im-switch -c` to configure the input method for the current
user. Choose scim from the interactive user interface.

4. Log out of KDE and log in again. You will see the scim icon in the
right bottom corner of the screen. You can turn on/off input methods
using ctrl+space. Any sane X program should be able to accept the
inputted characters with no problem after this step.

Note that the input method may not work properly without a correct
locale setting.



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