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Help with Debian Install

I downloaded an image called debian-40r1-i386-netinst.iso.  The install
went fine until I got to the step to 'Configure the Package Manager'.
When I do this step, it asks if I want to use a network mirror and I
choose 'yes'.  It then asks for a protocol and I choose 'http' although I
also tried 'ftp' and it fails also.  Next it asks for a country and I
choose 'United States'. Next it asks for a archive mirror.  I have tried
nearly all, but currently I am trying 'linux.csua.berkeley.edu'.  It asks
if I need a proxy and I leave that blank and hit 'continue'. Then it says
scanning the mirror, but I see no activity on my modem. After a few
seconds it reports that "Bad archive Mirror - The specified Debian 
archive mirror
is either not available, or does not have a valid release file on it.  
Please try a dirrerent
mirror".  This happens no matter which mirror I choose.  I am new to 
and unfamiliar with its tools.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Ed Doyle

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