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Re: where is thwe scanner device

Mailing Lists wrote:

> On 10/15/07, Dr. Harry Knitter <harry@knitter-edv-beratung.de> wrote:
>> hello,
>> my problem is that my scanner (Mustek BearPaw TA 2448 Pro) is not shown
>> as device e.g. /dev/usb/scanner0 or /dev/usbscanner0.
>> I already had it working once. However, now not even the device appears
>> in /dev anymore.
>> How can I get it back?
>> I?m working with debian etch.
> Have you read /usr/share/doc/libsane/README.linux.gz? This part seems
> relevant:

I seems not to be a sane problem. As I have already told no usb scanner
device is present. Therefore sane cannot find a scanner.
on the other hand I already had the scanner running. However, now it is not
present anymore as a device in /dev or /dev/usb respectivly.



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