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Re: password protect file befor emailing

Juha Tuuna wrote:
> On Friday, 12. October 2007 15:48, BartlebyScrivener wrote:
>> I want to send a longish pdf file to an unsophisticated Windows user.
>> If possible I would like to password protect it.
>> Is there a way to password protect files on Etch?
>> Thanks,
>> rd
> In my opinion GPG/PGP would be an optimal solution but since the receiving end 
> is not very technically oriented, I'd go with an encrypted zip file.
> zip -e archive.zip file.pdf
> This way you must of course deliver the password in a secure way.

Not necessarily. The password could be delivered using the telephone
according to the two-channel principle. One has to both brake into the
mails of the user, and tap his phone in order to get the encrypted pdf.
It all of course depends on how paranoid you are and what is contained
in the pdf.


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