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Re: password protect file befor emailing

On 13/10/2007, Giorgos Pallas <gpall@ccf.auth.gr> wrote:
> Juha Tuuna wrote:
> > On Friday, 12. October 2007 15:48, BartlebyScrivener wrote:


> > This way you must of course deliver the password in a secure way.
> >
> Not necessarily. The password could be delivered using the telephone
> according to the two-channel principle. One has to both brake into the
> mails of the user, and tap his phone in order to get the encrypted pdf.
> It all of course depends on how paranoid you are and what is contained
> in the pdf.
> G.

I think the OP's definition of "a secure way" didn't necessarily mean
electronically secure. Thereby your solution is also correct to the
original specification. :-)


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