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Re: which initrd to pur on USB memory stick?

> > > > I'm trying to put debian installer on an USB memory stick. Even if there is
> > > > space for full ISO, I'd like to have possibility of installing from CDROM
> > > > or network, if possible. Is this possible? which initrd to use for this
> > > > case?
> > > >
> > > > Although "vmlinuz" seems to be the same (6 hard links), the initrd comes in
> > > > 3 variants (cdrom, hd-media, netboot) ans each has gtk/ flavour (it that
> > > > support for graphics installation?).
> > > >
> > > > Which initrd.gz should I put on the stick?

On 09.10.07 07:58, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> I don't think you'll find a single initrd that gives you all the
> options, since they all have to fit in memory.

I don't see a general problem there, most of computers have enough of memory
now and I can avoid those that haven't.

Also, e.g. initrd from 2.6.18-686 kernel is ~5MB long, others are ~4MB, I
don't see the difference to be so big

> What's the problem of including CD1.iso?  That gives you the option to:
> 	install from USB stick and use the CD1.iso packages.

I did this one.

> 	Install from CDROM by burning the CD1.iso file on another
> 		computer.

I would like to avoid this, it requires burning the iso somewhere which
may not be possible. Also, if there's possibility to install from different
e.g. personalised image (who knows?), I'd use it.

> 	Install the base system from cd1 (don't install any tasks), get
> 	security updates, choose a mirror, and apt will only go to the
> 	net for newer packages, but use the cd1.iso for what up-to-date
> 	packages it has.  

That's possible, but I like having more options...

> 	I'm not sure why you'd want to install the basedebs from the net
> 	if you can have them on the USB.  So perhaps having all the
> 	choices doesn't make sense.

the different/personalised image available over the network may be the

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