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Re: lvreduce - no such file or directory?

Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> On Sunday 07 October 2007 07:46:42 Andy Hardy wrote:
>> debian:/home/andy# lvreduce -v -r -L -50g /dev/debian/home
>>     Finding volume group debian
>>     Executing: fsadm check /dev/debian/home (null)
>>   fsadm: execlp failed: No such file or directory
>>   fsadm failed: 2
>> debian:/home/andy#
> You don't give it a device, you give it a vg and lv name, so:
> $ lvreduce -v -r -L -50g debian/home

I get the same error.

> But you'd better be sure you've already shrunk the *filesystem* itself, or 
> you're going to lose all of your data.

Isn't the -r (resizefs) supposed to do this?

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