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Re: HELP! can't become root

John Stumbles wrote the following on 06.10.2007 17:39


> But surely doing chmod -R /dev/hda1 isn't the same as doing chmod -R / 
> (where /dev/hda1 is mounted as /) is it?

It depends on your partitionlayout.

Apart from that:
tom once i 'rm -rf *' without recognizing i am in the wrong directory.
And since it was a Gentoo that day where compiling the system took ~1 whole
week with the system i had.
Guess who is the more 'the profoundly embarrassed loose cannon' you or me?


If there would ever be a 'geek' pretending he never did such fault i would
not belive he is a geek.

So the good news is: you learn from it.


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