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Re: HELP! can't become root

On Saturday 06 October 2007 10:53, Thilo Six wrote:
> John Stumbles wrote the following on 06.10.2007 17:39
> <<-snip->>
> > But surely doing chmod -R /dev/hda1 isn't the same as doing chmod -R /
> > (where /dev/hda1 is mounted as /) is it?
> It depends on your partitionlayout.
> Apart from that:
> tom once I 'rm -rf *' without recognizing I am in the wrong directory.
> And since it was a Gentoo that day where compiling the system took ~1 whole
> week with the system I had.
> Guess who is the more 'the profoundly embarrassed loose cannon' you or me?
> :)
> If there would ever be a 'geek' pretending he never did such fault I would
> not belive he is a geek.
> So the good news is: you learn from it.

Indeed. From now on, I am not going to work as root without first making an 
entry in my system log as to what I'm going to do. All of the problems I've 
created have come from impatience. Perhaps this practice will help.


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