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Re: How to access RS-232 console from terminal?

Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
Hey guys,

I know this may seem so obvious but I have no experience with this at all. Basically I want to access the console interface of a network interface device using RS-232.

I am pretty sure linux/unix has built in support for this but how does it work?

Do I just plug it in?

Where do I set the baud rate?

And I usually need to transfer files via the 1K Xmodem protocol. Do I need an external software for this?

At work we use windows terminals to access these devices (using built in HyperTerminal program or PuTTY). But I would like to recommend the use of debian etch.


You may also find a UNIX/Linux port of Putty, if you want to use a "familiar" interface, as the Debian package 'putty' ( what else? ;)

However, you will still need something like minicom to make the actual connection through the serial line, as others have mentioned.

Bob McGowan

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