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Re: Any way to dist-downgrade?

On Thu, Oct 04, 2007 at 11:03:33AM +0800, Michael Yang wrote:


> Although the aptitude issue and the display drivers are resolved and 
> working fine, I found the system is behaving a little slower than before. 
> It's quite obvious to see that the output is returned slowly when I execute 
> the "df -h" to check the disk info. That's why I'm thinking about the 
> downgrading....

this is the classic "asking the wrong question" issue. So your real
problem is that the system is behaving sluggishly, right? So why
didn't you ask about that instead? Something like: "I just moved my
system up to sid and now it is behaving very sluggishly, any
insights?" would have been appropriate. 


The first thing you should start doing is leave a 'top' instance
running to see if you can catch anything interfering with the
system. Also, review all the running services and see if there is
anything new running since the upgrade that may be causing a
problem. Keep an eye on your memory usage as well. In sid you're more
likely to encounter bugs and a memory leak bug in some app would
ultimately lead to a sluggish system as it tries to swap all the
time. Tracking this down can be difficult, so you have to keep at it
-- pay attention to what is happening when the response slows down.



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