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Re:%20Re: Very slow USB boot

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 03:26:17PM +0200, Michael Jordan wrote:
>> I've etch installed onto an USB hard disk. It works when booting from two
>> modern computers (usb 2.0) but i'm having problems booting from an old pc

>> (usb 1.0). The boot process is very very slow. It seems systems uses

>the difference between usb 1 and 2 could be as little 40x to as much as
>320x faster.

First, thanks for your help... but, I know now this is not the problem. Yes, this was the first I thougth but
i'm a lucky man (really, it was pure luck) and know the system is running well (not as well as with 2.0 and 1 Gb of RAM, of course).
How?. Using another kernel + initrd. I've used RUNT (a linux USB specific ditro) boot files. These means using a 2.4.26 kernel
Think I'm trying to use an etch base system. I think it should work with usb 1.0 at boot time as works with 2.0
Thanks again

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