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Re: Any way to dist-downgrade?

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 11:04:05PM +0800, Michael Yang wrote:
> Hi All:
> Due to one hang issues of apitude, I upgraded my linux-images, but didn't 
> resolve the issues.
> Then I did "apt-get dist-upgrade", after which the aptitude issue is 
> resolved, also after which more packages are upgraded that I didn't mean 
> to. Now I want to keep only the kernel updated, but to downgrade the other 
> packages to the previous one.

downgrading is not supported.

> Now the source.list consists of the mirrors of "sid" dist, if I change it 
> back to "testing", would there be any problems for the system?

if you change sources.list back to testing, then what will happen is
you will stay with the versions you already have installed until
testing catches up with them. Once newer versions of your current
packages hit testing then it will start to upgrade again. 

It is possible to downgrade, but tricky and in all reality, its
probably easier to reinstall. I don't know what changes have come
into sid but not into testing yet. If they are major packages (libc,
xorg, etc) then its definitely *not* trivial to downgrade.


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