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Re: Network card activation

Oscar Corte wrote:
Hi all I’m using Debian Etch, and in order to activate my network card y have to go into “Networking” gnome’s option menu, click on eth0, then click on “Deactivate” button and then on “Activate”. I don't get an IP address unless I do this. There should be a configuration where this can be fixed, however I’m not sure which one. After reading some other topics into this list I assume that this should be into '/etc/network/interfaces'. Is this correct? I would appreciate any hints about it or any links to documentation where I can find more about this. Thanks to everyone and Regards.
Oscar Corte

Chapter 10 of the debian reference manual describes the procedure to configure networking.


You might find it easier to use the gui tool "network-admin" to set your preferences. Select eth0 and click on the "Properties" button to make your changes.


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