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Re: resize the partition with /

So I'd like to resize hda2 but I can't as it said I need to unmount
hda2 before resizing.  People suggest using a live CD but it's not
possible with my old laptop (I didn't even install etch using CD, I
can only install etch via goodbyemicrosoft.com).  USB boot is also not

If a couple of reboots is ok for you, the following method might work.

You can use 'dd' to clone hda2 to hda1. Boot your system with "init=/bin/bash". When you get to the bash prompt, do

bash# dd if=/dev/hda2 of=/dev/hda1

When that completes, you would have your installation available on both the partitions. The 5GB hda1 would contain a filesystem that is only 1GB large. Restart your system. You would boot normally with a 1GB root.

Edit "/boot/grub/menu.lst" and add an entry for the linux on hda1.
set root to (hd0,0) and append root=/dev/hda1 for the kernel line of the new entry.

mkdir /tmp/newroot; mount /dev/hda1 /tmp/newroot

Edit the file /tmp/newroot/boot/grub/menu.lst and replace (hd0,1) with (hda0,0) and root=/dev/hda2 with root=/dev/hda1. Similarly fix the root filesystem entry in /tmp/newroot/etc/fstab by changing /dev/hda2 to /dev/hda1.

Now you should be able to boot into either of your two partitions.

Once you have satisfied yourself that both are working, boot into your 1GB partition, and resize hda1. The command "resize2fs /dev/hda1" should be sufficient.

Restart into the 5GB parition and now you would have a 5GB root with over 4GB free space.

Run "grub-install /dev/hda" so that grub can load itself from the new location.

You can now copy over your home directory from the 1GB partition and continue using hda1. If you wish you format hda2 and mount it as /home.

Feel free to post any problems you may have and make sure you take a backup of important files before proceeding.

Good luck,

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