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Re: etch + xp

Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:

But I want to install XP in another disk, different from which etch is
installed. So XP will install its own bootmanager into the mbr of this
different disk. Am I wright? Remember that I can tell the bios from what
disk the system boots. I gues I can use this in order to make the system
boot from the second disk, where XP is being installed, making XP ignore
the disk where etch is installed.

The safest way to do this:

Disconnect your disk with linux (hdc)

Install windows as you normally would on your other hard disk (hdd). The windows installer will write its boot loader onto the master boot record of hdd.

After windows is installed and working, reconnect your linux disk (hdc).

Ensure that the boot order in bios is set to boot from hdc. Boot into linux, edit '/boot/grub/menu.lst' and add an entry for windows:

title		Microsoft Windows XP Professional
root		(hd1,0)
map		(hd0) (hd1)
map		(hd1) (hd0)
chainloader	+1

The 'map' lines are required because windows can only boot from the first hard disk.


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