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Re: etch + xp

Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:

I am running etch in a machine with two HDs. Etch is running in the
master HD (hdc), the second HD (hdd), the slave, is empty. In the second
hd (hdd) I need to install windows xp. I wonder how to do that in order
to get a dual boot system, managed by grub. The bios let me define the
HD from which the system boots. Now the bios is configured to boot from
hdc, where etch (and grub) resides: hdc-hdd. Due that during the install
of xp the system re-boots several times from the HD, I wonder if I can
install xp on hdd simply inverting the boot sequence: hdd-hdc, and,
after the installation of xp, inverting the sequence again: hdc-hdd, in
order to boot with grub.
If it is possible, I guess I still need to tell grub that there is
another OS in the system. How can I do that?

I am running XP on VMware with Sid as host and I must say it runs as if it is running by itself with the advantage that you don't have to reboot the PC. The only disadvantage I note is that you can use USB devices but no USB streaming devices, like USB modems.


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