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Re: SOLVED Re: 'manual' x configuration - where's xf86config?

(600x800, 1600x1200, etc - man I can't even type now :( )

Martin Waller wrote:
Thanks guys - I was mistaking 1024x768 for 88x600...

And changing the bit depth down to 16 allowed 166x1200 as somoene tirelssly pointed out.

Maybe I'm rusty or my brain's atrophied - never used to take me a day to get this stuff sorted - coudln't have done it without this list and tghe pateince of those who responded..

Sincerest thanks.

I'll crawl back under my stone now....


Martin Waller wrote:

My x freezes on start after I installed etch and I want to use xf86config to reconfigure it. What happened to that utlitlty? I cannot work out what package its in.

Also, in the debian reference manual, at http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-tune.en.html#s-xsrvr, it refers to xserver-common-v3 (I think I need this as I have an old matrox card)- I can find no such package in etch - is the ref manual out of date or something? Surely not?

Thanks for any help,


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