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Re: DSL setup under Debian/GNU Linux with GNOME

* Khurram Pirzada <kmpirzada@yahoo.com> [28-09-2007 07:39:18 -0700]:
> I have PIII, 800Mhz, 512MB RAM, with RTL-8139 lan-card and a ZXDSL-831D DSL modem
> with 256 kbps broadband connection. I was given IP address, default gateway
> address but NO DNS address, with a user name and password to connect to this DSL. 
> Its PPPoE setup. I could easily manage that under XP.

You can easily set up a connection with "pppoeconf".
If it's not installed yet, do so by

apt-get install pppoeconf

It should install all required dependencies.
Kind regards,
Martin Moeller <mm@exsomnis.de>

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