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Re: PATH to java in X11

On 09/30/2007 06:39 PM, Henrique G. Abreu wrote:
I've created /etc/environment file like this
export JAVA_HOME

export PATH

Don't set the PATH this way. Specify the path list fully:


Find out your current PATH before and add :$JAVA_HOME/bin to the end of it.

The first time I started and logged into gdm, it failed.
Then I went to /etc/ and changed environment permissions.
Ok, I managed to log in, but PATH doesn't have /opt/jdk1.5.0_12/bin
I can't run a program that uses java from the menu link
Only if a open gnome-terminal with any user and call the program, it works.

I know its possible to make a "workaround" starting everything thought
terminal, but it's horrible!
Or go to "/usr/bin" and "ln -s ..." everything in JAVA_HOME/bin
but that is not the point, I MUST know how to set PATH variable because its
ridiculous. I no windows user.


Both my Sarge and Etch installations have /etc/environment. You might not be running Debian at all.

If it's obvious that /etc/environment is being ignored, you can place this line in ~/.bashrc

. /etc/environment

Or you can just place the PATH and JAVA_HOME adjustments directly into ~/.bashrc.

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