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Re: Major application resource leaks in Etch

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On 09/30/07 21:42, Marty wrote:
> Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 06:59:03PM -0400, Marty wrote:
>>> While copying 30MB of text from a backuppc (web-based) log on a
>>> remote server, I ran into several problems:
>>> 1) Selecting the text using the Iceape edit->select-all menu option
>>> pegs the 2.8GB CPU at 100% for tens of seconds, although it is much
>>> faster in subsequent attempts.
>>> 2) Each repetition causes two 60MB clipboard cache files to appear in
>>> /tmp. They persist after logging out of Gnome.
>> Are you sure that this is a resouce leak?
> I have reproduced it on two systems, with different distributions and
> different browsers, but there is still some uncertainty since all my
> systems have similar configurations, so I can't rule out misconfiguration.
>   Think of what Iceape is
>> trying to do: download 30 MB of text and render it all ready to show
>> you.  Was Iceape designed to handle 30 MB pieces of text?
> I don't know.
>> If you can't pull the data with ftp or somethin, what about using lynx?
>> Text browsers don't have to render.  Download the text and save it to a
>> file.  Or if its already being viewed, 'Print' it to a file.  Once you
>> have your 30 MB text file, then you can edit it if you really want.
> True, but that doesn't address the potential resource leak issue. 
> Moreover, since it appears in different browsers, and seems to affect
> kedit, it seems likely that the problem involves Gnome's clip board
> (which reminds me that I forgot to mention that I am using Gnome).

Doug is absolutely correct.  Putting a 30MB file into the clipboard
is going to is a lot of resources.

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