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Re: Major application resource leaks in Etch

On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 06:59:03PM -0400, Marty wrote:
> While copying 30MB of text from a backuppc (web-based) log on a remote 
> server, I ran into several problems:
> 1) Selecting the text using the Iceape edit->select-all menu option pegs 
> the 2.8GB CPU at 100% for tens of seconds, although it is much faster in 
> subsequent attempts.
> 2) Each repetition causes two 60MB clipboard cache files to appear in /tmp. 
> They persist after logging out of Gnome.

Are you sure that this is a resouce leak?  Think of what Iceape is
trying to do: download 30 MB of text and render it all ready to show
you.  Was Iceape designed to handle 30 MB pieces of text?

If you can't pull the data with ftp or somethin, what about using lynx?
Text browsers don't have to render.  Download the text and save it to a
file.  Or if its already being viewed, 'Print' it to a file.  Once you
have your 30 MB text file, then you can edit it if you really want.


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