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Re: GNOME: Associate multiple queues with one printer: HOW?

Mike McCarty wrote:

Thanks all for the advice and help with this. I went over
to her house a little early yesterday, and walked up to
her machine, which had the customary blank screen. I tapped
the "left shift" key, and poised to enter the password
into the screen saver, when I was greeted by the login screen
of Windows XP.

When she got home, I explained that there were several
things I had been given advice to try, and asked what
precipitated the install.

She smiled wryly, and stated that she has a digital camera
which writes CDROMS. She put the CDROM into the machine,
and Debian only recognized it as being unwritten.

I commented that she probably needed to do something to the
disc with the camera to "finalize" the current session on
the disc.

Well, she said that it was the proverbial straw that broke
the camel's back, and she opened up the OEM version of XP
she had bought, and installed.

After she did that, and set up a few accounts, she tried
the disc, and...

XP couldn't use it either, of course. It wanted to "format" it.

So she went looking for the camera manual, which she couldn't
find, but found on the web, and it said what I told her.

She put the CDROM back into the camera, finalized the open
session, put the CDROM back into the computer, and XP found
it just fine. I'm sure Debian would have done so as well.

She claims she didn't blow away the Debian partitions. I commented
that about 30 seconds more effort lifting the MBR off of there
would have made it much easier to make Debian still bootable
using the XP bootloader.

Anyway, unless I want to make a hobby of making that machine
able to boot Debian, and fiddling with it just to see if it
could have been made to work, I'm afraid Debian is pretty
much gone on this machine. Even if I make the machine dual
boot, I wonder just how often it actually would get booted
to Debian. Her plan is to use Knoppix to move her mail files
etc. from the Debian partition to an external FAT drive,
and then reboot Windows and import.

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