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Re: UTF-8 support in Latex (was: Tool for document management)

> > Some years ago I changed from LyX to OpenOffice. These days I tried to
> > change back. One of the reasons was that there is no grep possible in OO.
> I believe that the common desktop search tools can search and index
> OASIS documents. I know that it works with namazu, which I use, and I
> would expect that it works as well with beagle et al.
> > Alas, Texlive and therefore LyX, too, seem not to allow UTF-8, which by
> > now has become an absolute necessity for me.
> Do you mean support for UTF-8 encoded characters in the input text? That
> can be achieved by putting
> \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}
> into the preamble of the document.

How would I do this for musixtex?

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