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Re: etch installation fails on two machines


thank you both for your answers. and yes, i actually did mean 96 m instad of 
96 k ram. ;-) 

well, i finally succeeded. but still this remains quite strange. (faulty cds / 
dvd can be absolutely ruled out, i thrice-checked.)

- i installed some more rum (up to 128 m). installation went past installation 
of base tools (core tools?) which were the problem. (in german the translated 
word is very similar to kernel, which is why i thought of that.) ok, it went 
further, but got stuck when extracting libslang or similar. 
this in fact lets one (strongly) suspect it's the ram, but as the installer 
does support a low memory install i ruled that out.
- as i used the same hard disk in both computers and had another one lying 
nearby i grabbed that one and - the install succeeded. yay!
- as soon as i added that other hard disk as a slave into that machine and 
tried a re-install onto the master ... it failed, this time when setting the 

the hard disk in question has been checked for bad blocks several times, yet 
it is quite old and there might be some other strange issues. windows did not 
complain, though (i was forced to do it ... ;-)

question: is it still worth a bug report? i suspect it will not be possible to 
being reproduced without that special hd. 
but if you think so i will do my best to describe it for the team. 

thanks for your time,


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