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Re: etch installation fails on two machines

On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 11:09:40AM +0200, meik thomas wrote:
> i am trying to install debian gnu/linux "etch" 4.0r1 on two older 
> machines and get the same reaction on both machines (and interestingly 
> also with debian-netinst 4.0r0-cd).
> the problem: installation freezes when installing the base-system while 
> installing the kernel. i tried the expert installation but it did not 
> help, the possibility to chose a kernel is offered directly _after_ the 
> step where my installation freezes. i even cannot move the mouse.
> is there a minimum of ram? the machines are rather small:
> one celeron 1100 with 96k ram, the other is a 500 cpu with also 96k ram.

I hope you mean 96 MB ram.

Read the installation manual and submit an instalation report.  It goes
in as a bug maintained by the debian-boot team.  Once you get the
automated response to your report giving you the bug number assigned,
subscribe to that bug and reply to that bug; it becomes its own
mini-list that is mirrored to debian-boot.


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