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Re: Package list problem

Andrei :

I ran that command on terminal.app and on the resulting packages onward and every one is not installed. It reverse depends on gnustep (virtual package), which reverse depends on gnustep-games and gnustep-devel, that don't rdepend on nothing.

Mumia :

I used aptitude instead of synaptic and the error message was that the gnustep-back-0.11 that terminal.app depends on is not available, and that is the reason why it can't be installed. Synaptic told me what I've written on the
previous email.

I ran those searches and no output resulted. The packages are not installed.

Pardon my ignorance, but I usually upgrade packages without paying attention
to the distribution they fit in. My system is currently a lenny/sid. How do I go about bringing it to a single distribution (the latest unstable is the preferred)?

Daniel Santos

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