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[Fwd: Odd behavior, multiple menu and toolbar entries]

I tried asking this on Debian-KDE with no response.

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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 22:11:32 -0500
From: Nate Bargmann <n0nb@networksplus.net>
To: Debian-KDE <debian-kde@lists.debian.org>
Subject: Odd behavior, multiple menu and toolbar entries
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This has been vexing me for several months.  I have used KDE on my
desktop machine for about two years and it has been Sid the whole time
and upgraded from somewhere in the 3.4 days to 3.5.7.

Some time back I noticed that some applications would show duplicate
menu entries, as though the entire menu was repeated.  In other apps,
or maybe the same one, a menu in the menu bar will be lost or say "No
Text!" and in some cases the menu will be empty.  Some apps have
toolbar button entries duplicated as well.  I've noticed Konqueror and
KControl affected.

Also, I can't keep KOrganizer from starting.  It is disabled each time,
but right clicking on it shows the "Reminders Enabled" unchecked but
the "Start Reminder Daemon at Login" is checked each time.  Even if I
uncheck the latter option and stop the daemon, it will startup on the
next login.

I renamed my ~/.kde directory temporarily and that solved the
KOrganizer issue, but the odd menu and toolbar issues remained.  This
is truly odd, unless some old config file didn't get purged in /etc and
that is causing my issues.

Maybe a year back I tried purging the entirety of KDE and starting over
with no change of the results.  I've got this thing configured as I
like it and I really don't relish the idea of starting over.


- Nate >>

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