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El jue, 06-09-2007 a las 22:23 -0400, Alfredo Finol F escribió:
> El jue, 06-09-2007 a las 22:07 -0400, Cavan Mejias escribió:
> >                  I think my windows XP partition might have a virus or
> > maybe some of the Microsoft files are damaged.  Its running very slow
> > but linux works fine. I wonder if anyone can tell me if  I can
> > reinstall windows without messing up grub? Or should I just resign
> > myself to a fresh install of  both OSes? Any comments or advice
> > appreciated. 
> > 
> >                      Cavan
> You can install Win again, but you have to find for a Live CD an then
> restore grub follow the next steps:
> 1) mount the Windows partition
Sorry, it's not Windows partition, it's where you have Linux boot
> 2) with the command grub-install, you can reinstall the grub on the MBR
> 3) and the last, reboot an try

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