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Re: package system broken by aptitude removing cupsys -- correction

On 09/05/2007 09:39 AM, Steve Newcomb wrote:
One of the simple tasks that I have never succeeded in getting Cupsys to
do, even after many hours of fiddling, was to describe the same
printer hardware in two ways, one simplex and one duplex.

I had an unfortunate run-in also where I couldn't get cups to work despite reading and re-reading the manuals. Lprng *just works* after you've followed the simple instructions.

Try the experiment you described: install Lenny from netinst, install
python2.5, then remove cupsys. If the problem recurs, then you might
have found a bug.

I already did exactly that, except that I also installed cvs, emacs,
and ssh-server, too, and I don't believe that those packages are
implicated.  Therefore, I think I've found the bug already.  And I
have a workaround: just remove cupsys first of all, *before*
installing python-2.5.

I'm glad you fixed it.

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