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Re: Shut down or leave on?

Cousin Stanley on 02/09/07 02:34, wrote:
My previous server used 100 Watts on average.

If left on 24/7, that's 61,320 hours a year, or 6,132,000 Watt-hours or 6,132 kWh.

Adam ....

  The number of hours per year that you used
  in your calculation seems a bit high ....

      hours_per_day  = 24

      days_per_year  = 366

      hours_per_year = hours_per_day * days_per_year

print '\n ' , hours_per_year

I thought it was very high and I checked the CO2 numbers twice. It didn't occur to me that I could have got the numbers for hours wrong.........

365 * 24 * 7 was what I used, foolish boy that I am.

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