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Help! Update screwed my box up 'automagically'!


No idea whats gone wrong - I did a get updates thing using dselect whilst installing some other software and find loads of my configurations have changed.

I guess its a result of this: http://www.debian.org/News/2007/20070817

First, my /boot/grub/menu.lst has been dicked around with:
- originally I had two options - multi and single user mode (Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.18-4-686) now I have four with kernel 2.6.18-5-86 options higher up the list...this stopped my network from working unless I select the now not default option I wanted originally. I remember some operating system called Windows that dicked around with configuration files without asking - I avoid it wherever possible.. Don't tell me Debian has gone this way? *rolls eyes*.
Does this mean my kernel has been updated automatically? Please no.

Secondly, OK so I can delete that crap from my menu.lst or select the other oirignal options - but now my X sessions all start up in 640x480 (gnome) and I can't change the resolution!

I'd got all this set up nicely, and a simple update dicks around with stuff and screws up my system - how can this be possible?

I guess I need 'educating' in how Debian operates now, and how to 'undo' the bad side effects I'm suffering, but if I can't resolve this stuff I'll switch distros. I've only just updated from Debian3.1 where I never had such issues - I'm upset and confused.

Thanks for any help,


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