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Re: Setting [u|f]mask on a bind mount

Glen Pfeiffer wrote:
> I tried mounting a directory like so:
>   mount --bind -o umask=0117 /home/files /home/glen/files
> What I am shooting for, is that all files created in 
> /home/glen/files will have the permissions 660.

But those are the same files as files in another directory, right?
The files can't have different permissions in different places.

Or are you simply trying to make the files when created have a
specific permission?  If so then umask is the only way.

> I have also tried this with no luck:
>   mount --bind -o fmask=0117 /home/files /home/glen/files
> Then I read the man page:
>   Note that the filesystem mount options will remain the same  as  
>   those on  the original mount point, and cannot be changed by 
>   passing the -o option along with --bind/--rbind.
> I take that to mean that I cannot change the umask when mounting 
> with --bind.


> Any ideas on how to achieve my goal?

You would have to change the original mount point options in order to
do this.  The directory would need to be on its own filesystem.  You
could create a filesystem specific for this purpose.  Then you could
bind mount it anywhere else fine.

This is a good place for a plug for LVM because then a new mount point
could be created very easily.

Perhaps saying a little more about the overall problem that you are
trying to solve will spark an idea from someone on the mailing list.


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