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Re: Debian Etch compatible wireless PCI card recommendations

Glen Yu írta:
Hi everyone,

I'm going to be housemates with a co-worker of mine and he uses an Apple wireless router which allows him to send songs to his speakers via iTunes.

Anyhow, the router has no ethernet ports so I'm going to need to get a wireless PCI card for my PC. I was just wondering if anyone here uses wireless PCI and what's good to use with Debian Etch. I was looking at the D-Link WDA-2320 RangeBooster G Desktop Adapter -- does anyone have problems with that?

If you have any recommendations on PCI or even USB wireless adapters that will work well with Debian Etch, please let me know. Thanks!



I can recommend you:
- SiS163u based wifi devices (for example: KWG-3000 USB 2.0 adapter) -> ndiswrapper + win32 driver - Broadcom based devices (I'm using Broadcom 4306 with the free bcm43xx driver, this driver can only work at 11 mbit/s, but ndiswrapper+win32 driver gives 54 mbps).

There two chips were extensively used by me under Linux.
I'm using Broadcom 4306 (miniPCI in a laptop) now, without errors.

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