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Re: harddisc errors

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 04:48:38AM -0700, Joris Huizer wrote:
> --- "Douglas A. Tutty" <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
> >
> > Take a deep breath.  Breathe out.
> > 
> > OK.  If you weren't having troubles with modules I'd be more
> > worried.  Since you seem to be having troubles with modules, its
> > possible that the correct module for your drive/controller/whatever
> > isn't being loaded by udev and whatever made your initrd.
> > 
> > If you don't have a knoppix as someone suggested, boot the install
> > CD in rescue mode and do the same thing.
> Thanks for the suggestion - would that "business-card" size cdrom work
> for that? I'll burn a cd, would take that one, unless that one won't
> work as rescue CD.
> Am hoping I can do a full fsck on the root disc just in case; shutdown
> -r -F now` doesn't seem to force that on the ext3 file system, is
> there a configuration to force a full fsck?

Hi Joris,

I don't know if the business-card iso will work since I've never used
it.  I'm on dialup and it doesn't have ppp support.  The netinst.iso
isn't that much bigger (it just won't fit on a business card size CD)
and does have rescue mode.  

However, either should be able to give you a shell where you can run
e2fsck -f.  If you really want to exercise the disk, do e2fsck -f -c -c to
do a full read/write test of the filesystem.  This has the advantage of
forcing the drive firmware to remap any bad blocks that have cropped up.
Yes, I know, that should happen transparently all the time, but then
again, shutdown -F should actually force a filesystem check.  


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