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latex2html dvips bug?


When attempting to use latex2html I encounter an error as images are
attempted to be created:

*** processing 4 images ***

Generating postscript images using dvips ...
/usr/bin/dvips -S1 -i  -Ppdf  -E -E -o/tmp/l2h30416/image ./images.dvi
Error: Bad file descriptor
Converting image #1
pstoimg V2002-2-1 (Revision 1.19, Perl 5.008008)
pstoimg: Temporary directory is /tmp/l2h30416
pstoimg: Error: Cannot find file "/tmp/l2h30416/image001.ps": No such
file or directory

Error while converting image

The command I used is:
latex2html -debug -html_version 4.0 nrules.tex

Does anyone know the source of this error?

Neil Watson             | Debian Linux
System Administrator    | Uptime 2 days

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