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Re: bash vs. python scripts - which one is better?

Hi David,

On 8/19/07, David Brodbeck <brodbd@u.washington.edu> wrote:

It certainly has its warts.  In particular, Bash's "test" (aka "[")
operator has pitfalls.  Testing for an empty variable, for example,
is awkward.  If you do:

if [ $foo == "" ]

Bash will complain about missing arguments.  Instead, you have to do
something like this:

if [ "x$foo" == "x" ]

which works, but makes no sense the first time you see it.  The file-
testing features of "test" are quite powerful and extensive, though
-- there are few languages where it's quite so easy to test
conditions like, 'is this a directory?'.

Thanks. I copied this to my 'Bash-howto'.

Greetings, Manon.

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