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Re: Firefox entry prediction crashes

On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 02:04:23PM -0400, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> When I enter URLs or Google search terms in the text boxes near the top 
> of an Iceweasel window, it drops down a menu of guesses as to what I'm 
> going to type next.  I could do without its guesses.  Especially because 
> sometimes when it does this it freezes the entire user interface 
> (I'm running icewm, by the way).  Ths only way to continue seems to be 
> to kill iceweasel.  This can be easy if I happen to have a shell 
> window open and I can still give it keyboard focus (killall firefox-bin 
> works), but if not, the only way out seems to be control-alt-backspace.

Ctrl-Alt-T should open x-terminal-emulator. You can configure this in 
.icewm/keys (use /usr/share/icewm/keys as a template).

> Now this is presumably a bug in iceweasel, and may have been fixed in 
> versions that haven't made it into etch (I'm running an up-to-date etch 
> on an 32-bit AMD system).  But rather than wait forever, is there some 
> way I can suppress the feature -- I really don't need the proposed 
> autocompletions.  Perhaps an option in an configuration file, or in one 
> of firefox's maze of configuration menus?

There's a recent thread discussing this feature, maybe you find 
something there.

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