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Firefox entry prediction crashes

When I enter URLs or Google search terms in the text boxes near the top 
of an Iceweasel window, it drops down a menu of guesses as to what I'm 
going to type next.  I could do without its guesses.  Especially because 
sometimes when it does this it freezes the entire user interface 
(I'm running icewm, by the way).  Ths only way to continue seems to be 
to kill iceweasel.  This can be easy if I happen to have a shell 
window open and I can still give it keyboard focus (killall firefox-bin 
works), but if not, the only way out seems to be control-alt-backspace.

Now this is presumably a bug in iceweasel, and may have been fixed in 
versions that haven't made it into etch (I'm running an up-to-date etch 
on an 32-bit AMD system).  But rather than wait forever, is there some 
way I can suppress the feature -- I really don't need the proposed 
autocompletions.  Perhaps an option in an configuration file, or in one 
of firefox's maze of configuration menus?

-- hendrik

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