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Re: lp or lpr printing from etch stable

Michael Kerwin(michael@kerputer.com) is reported to have said:
> I am have setup a cups hp 8150 printer through the kde gui and on this
> debian server I need to be able to print to the printer from lp or lpr I
> don't know which is best. I tried to print the the printer that I set up
> through cups using lp and lpr and the both printed the same. They cut off
> about 5 spaces of the left margin of the text file and about 5 lines of the
> top margin.. Does any one  know how to fix this. Should I go about this a
> different way? I set up the plain hp 8150 in the cups selection. I have the
> printer in the host file.

Your answer is in the man page

lp -d <printer> -o page-left=value -o page-top=value <file_to_print>

It is up to you to determine what value works with your printer.


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