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Re: Scribus with acentuation

Sáb, 2007-08-11 às 22:35 +0200, Florian Kulzer escreveu:
> On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 22:49:32 +0100, Jose Paulo Matafome Oleiro wrote:
> > Hello to all.
> > I've got a problem with Scribus, when I write text like é or ã this
> > doesn't appear how it should be, it looks like 'e or ã how I can fix
> > this? Anyone can help me? My keyboard layout it's portuguese, where we
> > use too often acentuation in words.
> I assume you use deadkeys or a compose key to type these accented
> characters? I have the impression that Scribus ignores these X keyboard
> layout settings. However, it seems to be possible to copy/paste such
> accented characters into the input window of Scribus, or to read the
> text from a file. (I checked this on a UTF-8 locale.)

Hi there Florian thanks for your tip, I've found a workaround for that.
If I create a text box, then right click in the text box and choose edit
text, Scribus opens up a less advanced editor, but that allows to put
acentuation in the letters.
That's annoying but works.

Thanks again =)

José Oleiro

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