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Best way to "revert" to LVM snapshot?

Hi all,

I'm using LVM for all the partitions on my main hard drive (boot partition excepted) for the ability to take "snapshots" of the partitions at a particular point in time. 

Anyway, while I have figured out perfectly how to take snapshots, mount them, and read/write to/from them, I have yet to find a good way to *revert* volumes (in particular, my root volume) to the state they were as of the snapshots.  Currently, what I am doing to "revert" my root volume is:

1. Reboot from a separate volume with the Debian base system installed
2. lvcreate a new volume with the same size as my root volume
3. cp /dev/debian/snapshot /dev/debian/new_volume
4. lvrename /dev/debian/root /dev/debian/something_else
5. lvrename /dev/debian/new_volume /dev/debian/root

This works fine. However, it is - of course - quite tedious, as it requires copying some 10GB worth of data.  Does anyone know of a better way?  Possibly using rsync?  I may want to do this quite often in the future, as I plan on testing all sorts of somewhat-hairy things on this system and want to be able to easily revert to a snapshot.


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