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Re: CD/DVD Burner Configuration

Jonathan Kaye wrote:

> Adriano Bonat wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> I tried to burn a CD with k3b, and got an error from wodim, the same as
>> follow: adriano@heisenberg:~$ wodim -scanbus
>> /usr/bin/wodim: No such file or directory.
>> Cannot open SCSI driver!
>> <snip>
> Is your K3b configured correctly? Open K3b and Settings -> Configure
> K3b ... -> Devices
> Do you see your Matshita listed there? If not K3b is not configured
> correctly. If need be you can add your device by clicking on the "Add
> Device..." button in the Devices window.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
Answer pasted from a personal reply to me:

yes its listed in the devices section of k3b, to make it work, i had
to configure a custom parameter to wodim in k3b, but i would like to
find a better solution than this.


Dear Adriano,
Please don't take discussions off the list. Other people cannot benefit from
any light shed on the subject if you make it private. In general it's not
good netiquette to reply to a person rather than the list where the posting
I'm not sure what you mean by "configure a custom parameter" but I know when
wodim replaced cdrecord I simply made a symbolic link in /usr/bin where I
linked cdrecord to wodim (cdrecrod -> wodim). I don't know if this has
anything to do with your problem.

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