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DNS problem on local network

I installed dnsmasq to run DNS and DHCP servers on my little home network of 4 PCs and a couple of laptops, and everything was going fine, internet browsing, ssh, ftp by IP address etc.

Now I am trying to get DNS to work for local machines but it won't co-operate. I spent the last couple of hours pouring over HOWTOs and FAQs trying to work out the problem but I'm stuck with a few errors messages which I suspect point to something totally obvious to those in the know.

My server isengard runs dnsmasq to provide the dhcp clients. However it doesn't recognise any internal network domain name:

isengard:~# hostname
isengard:~# hostname --fqdn
hostname: Unknown host
isengard:~# nslookup gondor

** server can't find gondor: NXDOMAIN

I worked out the domain name should go into /etc/resolv.conf ( http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/NET3-4-HOWTO-5.html ) but then it seems that this is under the control of something else.

isengard is running etch, installed from scratch, so I figured I made an error in the config setup.

On my main client, gondor, I have a similar problem. Plus programs such as xfce give me warning messages that I should put my hostname in my /etc/hosts file.

Any insights would be welcome,


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