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Debian hangs randomly

First of all, sorry about my english.

I have a problem with my Debian, it hangs randomly. I have tried to change the driver of my ati, I, ve tried without 3D acceleration. I thougth that was the memory, so i changed it, but it continue hang. When it hangs i cant do anything, no mouse, no keyboard. I´ve tried Kubuntu and Knoppix too, and the same problem. I´ve looked the logs and i cant find anything strange. In windows i dont have this problem. Can someone help me please.

I ussually use Kubuntu, but I´ve tested Debian to see if the problem happend, and of course it happends. So its not a problem of Debian I know, but i dont know what can i do, because i dont want to use windows. I have tested debian 4 etch, with kernel 2.6.18.

About 4 years ago i used mandrake, and I had a problem like that because the micro heat to much and the kernel try to reduce the frequency, so it hang, but I´m not sure of this, I dont know if this can help.

If someone can help me it will be great.

My computer is :

P4 3,06 HT
Ati radeon 9700
Sound blaster live.
1024mb memory.

I think that is the most important.

Thanks a lot.

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