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Re: ext3fs errors with kernel 2.6.18 but not with 2.4.27

Francois Duranleau wrote:
On 8/3/07, Brad Sawatzky <brad+debian@swatter.net> wrote:
Perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought he got the errors with the old
kernel (and had for a long time) but they did not trigger a filesystem
check.  My hunch was that the 2.6.x IDE driver (or ext3 driver) is handling
the error condition in a different way.  Perhaps not retrying at all on the
CRC error, or maybe having a shorter time-out on the retry, who knows...

If he only gets the errors under 2.6.x and not 2.4.27 then it looks more
like a driver issue.  Perhaps his 2.6.x kernel is using the new 'merged'
SATA+PATA subsystem to handle his PATA drive instead of the old ATA/ATAPI
driver and that is causing the problem.

It seems like I wasn't clear. Let me try to clarify:

On 2.4.27, I get the CRC errors (not at boot time, later, and all the
time thereafter),
and I've been having them for many years. I mentionned just in case
there might be
a link with my problem. Otherwise, I am not trying to solve this
particular problem.

Time to fix the root-cause problem. Get the CRC errors to stop on the old kernel first.

On 2.6.x, at boot time, errors are reported on the initial filesystem
check. I do
not know if I still have those CRC errors.

Fix problem #1... then fix problem #2... (GRIN)...

You're lucky.

Most times I've seen CRC errors like that, serious corruption was happening on the disk and or the disk itself was about to take a nose-dive.

There's no way I would have EVER let low-level errors like CRC errors go on for as long as you have. They'd be a performance hit, if nothing else... but at that low a level, if CRC is having to "rescue" you from IDE bus problems... regularly... that's just downright dangerous to run anything important that way for any length of time.

It's logging the errors for a reason... clean 'em up!  (GRIN)


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