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Re: MS Word under wine/crossover office

* Tyler Smith <tyler.smith@mail.mcgill.ca> [070802 20:42]:
> Hi,
> I am getting really frustrated with exchanging documents with
> colleagues who only use Word. I am quite happy now working with LaTeX
> Which brings me to my question: do any of you have any experience
> using wine or crossover office with MSWord? Does it work? If it is

As I recall, MS Office/MS Word is the touchstone for CodeWeavers
CrossOver.  If any application runs properly under CrossOver, MS
Office/MS Word should.

For several years, I have been using CrossOver Pro in order to run
BibleWorks 5.0.  Many moons ago, my first step after installing
CrossOver Pro was to install Word for Windows 2000.  But with the
advent of OpenOffice, I no longer have need for Word, so I haven't
tried it lately with CrossOver Pro.

Being lazy, I haven't bothered to keep up with Wine.  And with each
revision, CrossOver has been getting easier to install, so that now it
is almost a trivial matter.  There even is a Debian package, which is
the way I install it.

If I recall correctly, CodeWeavers offers a free trial.  (Once
CrossOver quits, you need to pay to get an activation code.) 


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