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screen and alternate wm's [was: Re: IM on a home debian network]

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 10:16:32PM -0400, Kevin Mark wrote:


> I just started to use screen and it has 'control-a ?' which given you
> the 'cheatsheet'. But you dont need all the commands to start using it.
> I use:
> 'screen MYCOMMAND' to start a new screen session
> control-a " for menu-based session selection
> control-a n for 'go to next screen session'
> 'screen -list' to list the sessions
> there are many more, but it is easy to try and then ask here for more
> advanced options.

interestingly, as we wander more OT from the original thread, my
recent adoption of screen has catapulted me into higher levels of
geekdom. For example, I now no longer maintain multiple email clients
in multiple locations as I just ssh in to my main box and reattach my
current screen session. Also, the reorientation to a keystroke driven
interface has pushed me to take the plunge and relearn wmii. I had
previously learned and loved wmii2, but the transition to wmii3 didn't
go over well with me. Now, running a dual-head setup and putting in
just a few minutes to grind through the transition, wmii3 is
awesome. Couple that with screen and multiple tags on my screen
window, so that its always available whatever my view currently is and
I'm in heaven. Primary app gets full screen on the left monitor,
secondary apps and my screen session share the right monitor. 

giggity giggity.


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